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08.03.2005 - [QWDM] - Ladders and such (rampage)

We have joined both Nations Quake Rank 8 and Smackdown 6. The first match in SD6 was a victory against The Riddlers, see the results page for more details.

And as a side note, one of our previously trusted members (lastu) plays with our archenemies (clan Fraggers United) in NQR.

03.02.2005 - [QWDM] - NQR Custom Map League 3 (rampage)

QWDM section is again alive and kicking. We have joined Nation Quake Rank Custom Map League 3 and because of some new top recruits by our glorious player-manager (krhm.. me) we were put in to division 2. It's interesting to see how our team manages to build up together our teamplay especially in those custom maps. Our lineup for the league is something like this: rampage, exo, luckyshot, fortuna, kontta aka ctrl (former mumS), harsi (former jff) and joulukuu (former hippushnik).

The QW team can be found from channel #plic (QuakeNet).

28.01.2005 - [QWDM] - Some servers (Juha)

Due to some servers being taken down elsewhere, we decided to try and start some QWDM servers at hpr.fi and see if there is interest for them.

  • hpr.fi:28000 - Team (4on4) server
  • hpr.fi:29000 - Quad (2on2) server
  • hpr.fi:30000 - Duel (1on1) server
18.01.2005 - [ETF] - Frags, flags and caps (Juha)

Yes, we are in with the ETF business. We have already a roster with which we might actually be able to play some games, and for this occasion I fixed up a server: hpr.fi:27960. You should also be able to find it using your favourite game browser, or just /connect through the console.

It's open for public at the moment, and runs the basic maps with advanced ctf enabled (so no any of those silly 1-Flag or reversed ctf things). I might set up an info page about the server later on with more detailed information.