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31/12/2001 - [Q3UT] - New Year.. (Juha)

Well, the rumors were wrong (http://www.urbanterror.net/ for more info). Getting it out this year means that it'd have to be released today.. well, we will see. It seems that there were some troubles, but hopefully they will overcome them soon. Of course we wish it to be a non-buggy release so we are ready to wait and give them the time they need to finish it properly.

Some good news are out though. New Point Release (version 1.31) was released some days before the christmas, and the servers are being updated as we speak. The most important fix concerning the Urban Terror community is the removal of the developer cvar cheat. Go and get the updated client at:

Barrysworld didn't seem to yet have the newest patch on their Q3A files web section, but it's quite probable that it will be soon added there too.

Have fun while celebrating the change of the year and waiting for the beta 2.4 with playing the new maps included in the released map pack. Grab it at:

For more download sites, see http://www.urbanterror.net/ news section.

04/12/2001 - [Q3UT] - Beta 2.4.. (Juha)

Rumors say that the release of Urban Terror beta 2.4 is near. For more info, see http://www.urbanterror.net/. Looks promising. Hopefully some of the clans who took a break will be back in business with the new version.

Among with the more than needed bug and "feature" fixes, there apparently will be two map packs. This is a good thing(tm).

20/11/2001 - [Q3UT] - UT-World Cup.. (Juha)

After some verbal fighting of the server we should play on, we finally had to play the match somewhere (it was rescheduled and delayed because of a draw result etc.) so that the Cup could go on. We had to play both rounds with ping disadvantage and I guess it shows from the score. Result is at the fights page as usual.

We apologize that we had to delay the THC match because of the mess with the Cup rounds, thanks for your understanding.

11/11/2001 - [Q3UT] - Ladder stuff.. (Juha)

As ClanBase has been down for maintenance a couple of days, we decided to use the opportunity to check how UT-World works. Our first TS Cup match there was already played and some ladder matches are to come.

I also heard that the challenging system and UT-World in general will be remade soon to work smoother for challenges etc. If and when it happens, we will probably be as active there as we are in the CB now.

05/11/2001 - [Q3UT] - Matches and members.. (Juha)

As you can see, we have played more matches and recruited new members.

And you will probably see more news in the future as I didn't manage to avoid the responsibility forever..

05/11/2001 - [QWDM] - updatee (seco)

Matsit päivitetty ja DarkHold lisätty memberiks. Pelejä pelattu ja sen semmosta, eiköhän tämä tästä :)

04/11/2001 - [QWDM] - sivut.. (lastu)

Uudet sivut...