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18/12/2002 - [QWDM] - First QWSM2 match.. (rampage)

The opponent in our first QWSM2 match was not less than the infamous cMF. DM3 was even at times, but then again, they didn't have their best team against us. Also our new recruits Faith and Jupe got their chance to prove that they are worthy to us.

So, this is the start, be sure to hear from us in the future too!

14/12/2002 - [QWDM] - qw-cup.tk.. (luckyshot)

And you can find our name at the QW-Cup clan list too.

12/12/2002 - [General] - 5 wonderful years of HPR.. (Juha)

Lazy and busy as I am, this comes a bit late. But, it has been five years since the first official match of Clan Hyvät, Pahat ja Rumat on 01.12.1997. Lots has happened since then, but still even among a new game and modification, we are going strong: over 200 QuakeWorld Deathmatch battles behind, and soon the limit of 100 Quake 3: Urban Terror fights will be reached too.

The years won't slow us down though: we still have some of the original players among us in both QWDM and Q3UT sections, and we will participate in leagues and ladders actively in the future, just like we have done so far. Maybe with not much success every time, but then again, it's the fun of playing that keeps us still on the track.

12/12/2002 - [QWDM] - QWSM!.. (rampage)

We have joined QWSM league.

And two new members, Jupe and Faith. Welcome!

04/12/2002 - [QWDM] - DM section alive again? (Juha)

Seems like people have gained some interest to play some QWDM matches again. Well, it remains to be seen how this will work out.. but at least we got a good reason to update these pages too.

Small changes will appear once in a while during the update process.

06/10/2002 - [General] - Some updates to our pages.. (Juha)
Just a quick note concerning our pages: changed/updated old challenge page to a new and improved version that contains addresses for few of the main Urban Terror pages (official, community, related etc.). Hopefully they will be of use for someone. I keep adding sites there if and when I find them useful for someone.
02/10/2002 - [Q3UT] - Alive and kicking.. (Juha)

Quite a few things have happened since last posting, but to keep it short: we're finally back in business. We are still waiting eagerly for the release of Beta 2.6, but as it has been taking time to release it, we decided that we could start playing before we get more rusty than we are already. Thus, we ended up with a Q3UT cup by Frankfurt Underground.

And, a big welcome to Garde, our newest recruit. He has already proven that he's more than a good player in our crew.. although mainly because none of us can play anymore. Well, at least the game feels like in the beginning, all the excitement and anxiety are there again - the things that really make this modification worth playing.

So, feel free to come and challenge us in ClanBase Urban Terror International Ladder, we are ready for you.

18/08/2002 - [Q3UT] - Summer holidays over soon.. (Juha)

As you can guess from the topic, HPR is slowly starting to swipe off the dust from our beloved weaponry. Still need to get some of our members to reinstall Q3 and Urban Terror, but after that, you can be quite sure that we will be back in business.

It is most probable that we will not play official matches until beta 2.6 is out, but according to TwentySeven it will be ready in a month or so. Before then, you might catch us from publics, and of course we might be willing to play friendly matches just for fun. You know where to find us.

14/05/2002 - [Q3UT] - Busy busy busy.. (Juha)

It has been a while since last time I updated the news.. but I thought it would be good to have a news update before the summer.

Clan HPR is in hibernation mode (at least in CB Ladder) as most of us are busy with some final school projects before the summer holidays, or busy because of work. It is yet unknown what happens when the summer goes on.. but we will keep you informed.

2vs2 Sniper Cup has been going on for a while, and it is near to be finished. Check its pages for more info. FFA Cup will probably be run during the summer, but there is not yet any exact info about it.. you will just have to wait for a while while we arrange things up.

28/02/2002 - [Q3UT] - CB Q3UT Cup, FFA league and HPR Clan server.. (Juha)

HPR has signed in to the first ClanBase Q3UT Cup. Hopefully there will be more news related to it later..

FFA League for Finnish Q3UT players run by HPR (mainly by Lastu) has advanced a bit again. Second map was played yesterday, and everything went pretty smoothly.

We have also acquired a server in Finland, which of course is free for other clans to use when we don't need it. See our challenge page for contact information if you want to use it.

11/02/2002 - [Q3UT] - #urbanterror.fi.. (Juha)

As finnish Urban Terror community seems to be more or less spread around, we decided to try and gather people from various finnish clans to a single irc channel to get the community together. All interested ones are free to join #urbanterror.fi at Quakenet.

For foreigners, the channel could be of help too. You should be able to find representatives of all finnish clans from there (well, it's up to the clans to be there, of course), and maybe find some info about finnish servers also.

08/02/2002 - [Q3UT] - Beta 2.4!.. (Juha)

Beta 2.4 released! Go and check a mirror closest to you.

You can get it at here too.

04/02/2002 - [Q3UT] - Beta 2.4.. (Juha)

It is out then. Beta 2.4 will be released 08.02.2002.

03/02/2002 - [Q3UT] - Pfft.. (Juha)

Lots of matches played, but with not so good results. There's a big need for new good team survival maps, as it seems that everyone wants to play only Abbey or Casa. Might be a time to try some other choices..