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14/12/2004 - [QWDM] - And finally some QWDM action (Juha)

I'm a bit amazed that our glorious player-manager, Rampage, managed finally to arrange a match. Well, this means that as I had promised to myself, I had to transfer the QWDM match results to the new site.

The match wasn't anything you'd be sorry to miss, but hopefully we will see some more of this kind in the future.

04/11/2004 - [Q3UT] - A match played (Juha)

I'm not quite sure what happened, but people seemed to be willing to start playing some Urban Terror matches again. See the results page for more info regarding the results.

This also means that I finally managed to transfer the Urban Terror match results and screenshots. QWDM and other results might be missing until we manage to play some matches there.

22/04/2004 - [General] - hpr.fi (Juha)

Yes, as you can see, we have moved. The pages are being redone (although the looks will probably be the same, why change something that works), which will take a while.

You can still find the old pages at http://hpr.at.edome.net. They will be there until we get all things sorted out on the new site..

12/04/2004 - [General] - No news is bad news..? (Juha)

I could repeat the news from last year, except that at the moment it looks like we are keeping a break in Urban Terror. It remains to be seen if it is permanent or not.

Some of us have built up an interest towards Unreal Tournament 2004, and the next few weeks will show if anything comes of that. Might be time for me to start up building a section to our pages for that..