Hyvät, Pahat ja Rumat
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11/10/2003 - [Q3UT] - No news is good news..? (Juha)

Been a bit lazy on the news updates, as you can see. Well, to cover all the things that have recently happened to us and to Q3UT in short list: some new members, some new matches and some new updates to Urban Terror. The files section provides links for the files on our favourite file hosting site, eDome.

We have been playing actively in the CTF and Bomb ladders of ClanBase, so feel free to challenge us there.

Also, we are taking part in ClanBase Fall 2003 Bomb Cup and Danish Online Gaming Q3UT Scandinavian League. So far both have gone pretty well for us (check results), but the future will show how far we will get this time.

11/10/2003 - [QWDM] - Hold it! (rampage)

As it has been a while since the last update (mainly because there hasn't been much to tell about), here's some information about the qwdm section's current situation.

We are more or less inactive for the moment, but it doesn't mean we wouldn't actually play. Nations Quake Rank Season 5 has started and our some of our members are playing with the participating clans: pkk with MNY, luckyshot with thangorodrim, vore with paranoia and I, the pride of Finnish qw scene, slay enemies with quads in the ranks of Ancient Gods.

Also, remember to check our favourite Hattrick team's page: FC Pamaus.

But that's it for today, be sure to check this page for new updates again in June!

18/02/2003 - [QWDM] - Some small things (rampage)

BLT won us in a "fierce" fight, and thus dropped us from the semifinals of QWSM.

We joined Nations Quake Rank for the fourth season.

Exo made a comeback (yeah!) and ale joined us. Warm welcomes to both of them.

01/02/2003 - [QWDM] - Aaand.. action! (rampage)

Our newest recruits, Emest and Vore (who joined a few days earlier) got their first chance to show their abilities in our first match in the CB QWDM cup. Our opponent, The Artists from Poland, proved to be less of a challenge than we anticipated, but it was a pretty good match anyway.

28/01/2003 - [QWDM] - QWSM and stuff (rampage)

QWSM2 first matches are over for us, but some clans have still matches to play so there will be a short break before the playoffs.

We also have scheduled our first match in ClanBase QuakeWorld DM Cup Spring 2003, the future will show how it goes.

And some player changes have been arranged too as Jupe and Faith left for Noskill, and Emest from Fraggers United joined us.

16/01/2003 - [General] - History of HPR.. (Juha)

This has been under work for some weeks now, and finally it is available for the public:

The history of Clan Hyvät, Pahat ja Rumat

It's written in Finnish, but as an abstract I can tell that it roughly goes through our history from the first QWDM match on 01.12.1997 to the latest moments now. Several times when the clan has been run down, but every time revived as a stronger unit. There are some sidesteps to the direction of Team Fortress, and the latest and biggest leap towards Q3UT, but still the one thing still strongly in the clan, QWDM, is there to survive.

With this recollection of memories from our travels through time we would like to greet and thank every opponent we have met during the years, and promote all of the people who have been part of our long history.